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summer schedule

Free family-friendly movies every Friday in July & August!

Each showing begins at dusk with a short Children’s Feature/Cartoon followed by the feature film.

Life Challenges Can you handle the heat?

Proverbs 16:6

Faith Under Fire

1hr 28min | PG

Friday, July 2 | Sunset 9:14 PM

Youth/Sports What are you willing to lose in order to win?

Colossians 3:23-24

The Perfect Race

1hr 36min | PG

Friday, July 9 | Sunset 9:12 PM

Youth/Witness Can you face criticism?

1 Timothy 4:12

Play the Flute

1hr 03min | PG

Friday, July 16

Youth/Acceptance Whose life are you living?

Proverbs 14:30


1hr 35min | PG

Friday, July 23 | Sunset 9:02 PM

Youth/Family Do you know who you really are?

Luke 16:11

Treasure Lies

1hr 07min | PG

Friday, July 30 | Sunset 8:55 PM

Youth/Calling What are you here for?

Matthew 5:16

Because Gracia

1hr 36min | PG

Friday, August 6 | Sunset 8:48 PM

Love Lost Do all things work together for good?

Job 37:5

I Still Believe (Double Feature)

1hr 35min | PG

Friday, August 13 | Sunset 8:39 PM

What is life?

Matthew 5:21

Wheelchair (Double Feature)

11min | PG

Friday, August 13 | Following Feature Film

Sports/Youth/Family Who are you?

Romans 12:21


1hr 29min | PG

Friday, August 20 | Sunset 8:28 PM

Youth/Purpose Youth & Life Purpose

Romans 10:9-10

Cross Purposes (Double Feature)

39min | PG

Friday, August 27 | Sunset 8:17 PM

Redemption What is life for?

Romans 10:9-10

Unbroken 2 (Double Feature)

1hr 38min | PG13

Friday, August 27 | Following short film at dusk

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Belleville Family Drive-In is a new ministry started in 2021 for the Belleville community.